Promotion Procedures: Place a parlay bet on any of the selected leagues during the promotion period and get bonus up to Rp. 177,777,777.

Terms & Conditions:
1. This promotion is valid until December 31st 2018 23:59:00 (GMT+8).
2. Have at least one successful parlay bet on any matches for selected leagues

Qualifying League

English Premier League

France Ligue 1

Italy Serie A

UEFA Champions League

Spain Primera Division

UEFA Europa League

Germany Bundesliga 1




3. Subject to eligibility criteria set out above, the qualified member will be rewarded with bonus based on the winning amount of qualifying bet and the bonus percentage of the type of Qualifying Bet placed during the Promotion Period up to Rp. 177,777,777 as set as below:

Qualifying Bet Type Bonus Percentage Max Bonus Amount
Treble x1 5%  
4-Fold x1 7%  
5-Fold x1 12%  
6-Fold x1 17% Rp. 177,777,777
7-Fold x1 27%  
8-Fold x1 37%  
9-Fold x1 47%  
10-Fold x1 57%  

For Example: Member has placed one 4-fold Qualifying Bet containing a match from English Premier League, 2 matches from the Champions League, and one match from NBA, and has won IDR 4,000,000. Qualified member would earn a Bonus as below: Rp. 4,000,000 x 7% = Rp. 280,000

4. To Claim the Bonus, Member must send an email with their registered email address to during the promotion period with format as below:
              a. Email subject   : PSB177
              b. Email content  : Username and Qualifying Bet ID
5. Subjected to General Terms and Conditions of Promotion.